Our Church Family

Our church is a place for those who are interested in learning more about Jesus and the freedom, hope, grace, power, and truth that he offers. We take Jesus’ call to love God heart, soul, mind, and strength seriously, and are learning to love our neighbours (and neighbourhoods) as ourselves.

We are part of the Evangelical Covenant Churches of Canada (ECCC), a family of churches with roots in Canada going back to 1904.

The ECCC is committed to four priorities:  Make & Deepen Disciples, Start & Strengthen Churches, Develop Leaders, and Love Justice, Do Mercy. They partner with a range of agencies serving people within Canada, and with ministries and people on the ground in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Israel and Palestine, Ecuador, and Haiti.

Our mission statement is simple: "Loving Jesus.  Loving People.  Transforming Lives."  We love the city of Nelson and want to share Jesus' life transforming message and power with our community.