Missions -- Global

We believe that every Christian is called to mission: to bring the whole gospel to the whole world.  In that sense, every Christian is a missionary.  However, as a church we want to support those individuals and couples who are seeking to bring the gospel to those who have never heard, often in cross-cultural contexts.  Below is our current list of global missionaries that we support as a church.

For more information on all of the global missions opportunities within the Covenant Church, click here!

Below is a list of the long-term missionaries supported by our church.

colleen nahnychuk


I am Colleen Nahnychuk from British Columbia, Canada. I am a New Missionary with Serve Globally (ECC’s Mission Priority) and will be serving in Argentina. Originally, my husband Max and I were called, individually yet at the same time, to missions in the middle of Patagonia, Argentina and we embarked on this journey together. However, in September 2017 this changed when Max passed away. The months that have followed have been the most difficult of my life, but God has confirmed for me His calling on my life.  I remain completely surrendered to His will and through my grieving and healing process am seeking to faithfully follow where the Lord leads.

I will be partnering with the Iglesia del Pacto Evangélico Argentina, which consists of several Covenant Churches. I am committed to serve there “to join in God’s mission to make more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world.” Each church has its own outreach and community development projects. I eagerly look forward to walking alongside the Argentine Conference and Churches in the areas of Developing Leaders, Make and Deepen Disciples and Church Vitality.

The primary backdrop of the mission, will be working under the direction of the President of the IPEA utilizing the Covenant’s Pathway to Vitality, available in both Spanish and English, as well as other ECC materials from the US and other Latin America countries. I will be serving as support for the pastors by assisting with developing stronger congregations through leader development and discipleship training.

Secondly, every one of the six churches has their own specific ministry in which I have been asked to serve. This represents a full range of opportunities including:

  • evangelism in hospitals, care facilities, schools and in the street.
  • children's ministry.
  • outreach to victims of drug, alcohol and domestic abuse (AVA).
  • community development.
  • agriculture development.
  • church planting.
  • and of course there's always some sort of construction.

Together with Serve Globally and IPEA, we are discerning what ministry will look like. Currently, I will be the only Covenant Missionaries in the Southern Cone.

Thirdly, I will be forwarding information to Serve Globally and Merge about how they can come along side the churches to serve them in the most holistic and practical way possible.

Finally, I have a vision of hosting any individual, couple or family that wants to join me in service and cultural immersion in Argentina.

For more information and to stay up-to-date on my progress, please visit blogs.covchurch.org/nahnychuk

Kelvin and Nikole Opiyo


The Opiyo family lives in Mombasa, Kenya and runs The Rehma Project. Kelvin grew up in a poor community called Kongowea situated in Mombasa. He met Nikole while working with a youth ministry. Nikole was on a short term mission in Mombasa at the time. They were married in 2011 and began ministering to youth in Kongowea. They moved to Canada in 2013 where they pursued higher education, had two beautiful girls (Mercy and Amina), and prepared to move back to Kenya full-time. They returned to Kenya in February of 2017.

he Rehma Project seeks to empower the youth of Kongowea, Kenya through sports, mentorship, education, health, and loads of love. Through the transforming knowledge and love of Christ, their prayer is that youth will come to know Him and live an abundant life. The community they work in is an unreached population. Much of their time is spent running soccer and mentorship programs for over 500 young men and women. They do one-on- one mentorship/discipleship and bible studies. Nikole is currently working on creating a prenatal education and support program for pregnant women. To learn more about The Rehma Project you can visit www.rehmaproject.org